Islandscapes (Tropical Seascapes and Landscapes, 1982-1994)

"Auspicious Sunbeams I" (1987, oil on linen, 54" X 72")
"Coconut Cove in Pirate Days" (1988, oil on linen, 58" X 72”)
"Cathedral Rocks" (1991, oil on linen, 26" X 46”)
"Spring Dawn" (1989, oil on linen, 58" X 72”)
“The Swans That Came to the Lake” (1981, oil on linen. 15" X 24”)
"Trees in a Storm" (1990, oil on linen, 54" X 72”)
"The Arousing (Shock,Thunder)" (oil on linen, 1989, 54" X 72”)
"Auspicious Sunbeams II" (1991, oil on linen, 24" X 30”)
"Autumn Seagrape Trees" (1990, oil on linen, 30" X 42")
"Primordial Dusk" (1992, oil on linen, 38" X 48”)
"Lagoon" (198?, oil on linen)
"Dawn Windhorse" (1989, oil on linen, 72" X 54")
"The Sunlit Path" (1988, oil on linen, 58" X 72”)
"Jamaican Garden" (2020, 24" X 18", oil on wood board)
"Orange Cloud Progression" (2012, 16" X 20", oil on wood board)

"Painting these Jamaican landscapes and seascapes let me relive the experience of being stranded on a remote tropical island, far away from the complexities of civilization. Negril in the late 1970s was countrified, pristinely beautiful, and poverty stricken. We didn't even have electricity the first few years, only kerosene lamps. I'm grateful that I got to experience the simple life in such a lush, unspoiled, near-jungle environment, with its endless beaches and coral rock cliffs lining the seacoast. I haven't been back to the Caribbean since the early 1980s."



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