Island Nights (Tropical Seascapes and Landscapes, 1982-1994)

"Moonlight Night (The Path to the Sea)" (1981, oil on linen, 78" X 96")
“Dream Containing Time Travel Instructions” (1989, oil on linen, 58” X 72”)
"Orange Moon at 4 a.m." (1982, oil on linen, 54" X 60”)
"Full Moon and Night Moth" (1989, oil on linen, 72" X 54”)
“Star Pool III” (2004, oil on linen-covered wood panel, 18"X14”)
“The Cirrus Cloud That Became an Air Sprite” (1988, oil on linen, 72" X 54”)
“Fishing Boats” (1988, oil on linen, 54" X 72”)
"Half Moon" (oil on linen, 16" X 12")
"Windy Coast" (oil on linen)
"Moonrise" (oil on linen)
“Road to the Lighthouse” (1982, oil on linen, 46" X 64”)
"Orange Moon" in its new home

"After years of living in the Caribbean in the 1970s, I painted these large tropical seascapes and landscapes in my NYC studio. The night paintings depict tropical seascapes and landscapes lit by moonlight and star light."



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