The Kabbalistic Tree of Life by Patricia Waldygo

Dear Friends,

If you order a poster, you can still use the PayPal button to pay and to enter your shipping address, but please also send me a short email to info@PatriciaWaldygo.com, saying, "Hey, I just ordered a poster online," or something. Otherwise, I might not know because PayPal sometimes has technical problems and has randomly stopped emailing me notifications of orders. Thanks!


Switzerland—the postage has drastically increased to $28.50. That's on top of the $15 poster price. So if anyone from Switzerland orders a poster, I will refund the automatic PayPal payment and will send you a separate receipt. Or else a Swiss customer could bypass the PayPal button and email me directly at info@PatriciaWaldygo.com. 


Strangely, Australia is no longer accepting U.S. First Class mail because of Covid, and the only postage options were $60-plus and $100-plus for one poster in a mailing tube. Sorry for the inconvenience! ~ Patricia

Dear Friends,

The Kabbalistic Tree of Life is available as a poster. It is a digital print, 26" X 18", and costs $15.

If you click the Buy Now button, you will be taken to a secure PayPal page to order and pay.

I will pack and ship the poster within 1 week. I currently live in a remote location, and the post office is a 10-mile round trip, so I need to combine the drive with other errands.

Postage varies: If you are in the United States, I'll send the poster via Priority Mail.

I use International First Class shipping to all other countries in the world.

Time of delivery varies by country and can take 1 to 6 weeks. For some reason, the mail has been slow to France and Germany. If you live on a faraway island somewhere, be patient and hopefully the mail will come through. The US Postal Service recently started scanning mailing tubes of the size I use, so that has slowed delivery a bit.

To order multiple posters: Don't use the Buy Now button, which is only for single posters. Please e-mail me at info@patriciawaldygo.com and tell me how many posters you would like. Then I'll send an invoice to you via PayPal. You can save a lot on postage by ordering multiples, but how much you save depends on your location (U.S. or international), the size of the mailing tube, and the size of the order. I'll e-mail you the specifics for your order before sending an invoice, so that we can work out the cheapest method.

There is a 10 percent discount for ordering 20 to 49 posters, and a 15 percent discount for 50 or more posters.

Patricia Waldygo 


For any problems with PayPal or other issues, please contact me at info@patriciawaldygo.com.

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